Recent games of Joryu Meijin

It is already New Year. I have officially submitted my thesis, though I am still working on technical corrections. I hope to publish it after my final exams.

January means that there is Joryu Meijin eliminations and I have to write an update about my games.

I have played two games, the first one was last week, against LPSA Ooba Ladies 1dan. It was a central rook vs ibisha game. In later middle I took the lead and did not let it go until end.

Winning this game meant, that my next opponent would be Shimizu Ladies 6dan. So I have been preparing the whole week. Yesterday, I had honor of facing Shimizu sensei in a battle.

I went to the game with this mind set “either I win, or lose and learn something valuable”. This let me relax and concentrate on the game. As predicted, the game was Nakabisha vs ibisha with closed Bishop line. I have gained small material advantage in the beginning, but later was left without the rook (which I gave up for a gold). I have managed to get the knight and the lance with a tokin, but Shimizu sensei put one horse to defense and two rooks to attack. However, the difference in the defense structure was big. I had full castle defending with bottom pawn and then counterattacked using lance. In the end I have surrounded her king and won.

I have not realized the excitement until I left the game room. I remember the result surprised many people, including my shisho. I had to go for a long walk around the city to calm myself down.

I am not satisfied. I feel that I still can still improve a lot. I remember the scary feeling of Shimizu sensei reading all the endgame variations with amazing speed. Maybe that I can improve before the next game. And I have a huge respect for Shimizu sensei after the game.

And I cannot let it go into my head. My opponent will prepare double carefully for the next game for sure. I shall as well. Wish me luck.


8 thoughts on “Recent games of Joryu Meijin

  1. Hi! It is my really first time to post a message here. I am Japanese but I live in Sydney and have worked in a local high school for a long time. I am very happy to know that there is a professional shogi female!! player like you who has a different background other than Japanese. I would like to congratulate on your winning and I am sure you are contributing to the promotion of Shogi world wide and making your effort for a mutual understanding of Japan and other parts of the world when you can. I greatly appreciate you for your dedication to one of Japan’s traditional mental sports. I wonder if you can put this blog as a series in some newsletter from the Japan Foundation where people can access Japanese culture and events all over the world. I got to know a bit about the International Shogi Forum but the Japan Foundation has 24 offices in the world and Japanese people like me who live outside of Japan and any people who are interested in Japanese culture/arts/sports/events/Japanese language can reach it easily. If you know all about this organisation, it is great but could you get help from them to see if you can put your blog link at least in the Japan Foundation news, please. Shogi fever in Japan can make news outside of Japan too. Please visit
    I wish you all the best for your future games! Ganbatte kudasai! I visited Shogi kaikan in Sendagaya the other day. I was thrilled to even see the building and happen to meet Toyokawa sensei. Lucky me!

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    1. Thank you, Miki. I am glad you enjoyed visit in Shogi Kaikan. It is a great place indeed. Yes, I hope to promote shogi more and more. For now I am concentrating on finishing my new webpage. But I will write down your great proposition for the near future. Thank you! 🙂

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