The first game of the year

Life is about the journey, not the destination. Life is a dance, made of steps. Many books say similar wisdom.

I wish I had read more books in my life. To know better, rather than learn by experience.

This year starts weird, where I am sitting in Switzerland and wondering what my life could be. What to do next.
As always, I might have many ideas, but none of them sound as good or exciting as in the past.
Maybe it is just winter, dulling my mind.

Today we had a not too complex Sunday Shogi stream, where we analyzed games of regular viewers.
Any viewer could send a game, but so it just happened that only regulars send them today. We enjoyed every one of them. Many people are getting stronger each week.

After that I played a game against iongrey, and I thought I can show some positions from that game, just to put something cool on the blog. Here it goes.

Maruyama’s Vaccine, a counter strategy for central rook that forces early bishop exchange, with my unusual counter that is supposed to be disadvantageous for Gote. Bishop drop that will take a free pawn, but will end up on wrong diagonal.

Iongrey did his best and made an engagement on P-24 and P-45 squares. I had to protect against his rook sabaki. Here Sente has chance for a good bishop drop. Making a horse that would pressure my bishop.

Iongrey missed the bishop drop, but I also missed a chance to make game equal. According to the computer P-25 would allow me to counter better. I was afraid about 53 square and moved S-62. (surprisingly computer considers B*66 as an answer to that.. is it because S-46 bad shape and good counter on big diagonal? )
The game equalized after this move. My bishop became little more active by targeting 38 square.
The final big mistake: knight jump allowed exchange of rooks and silver for lance. My horse ended up in a good position to attack non-castled king. Again, the computer suggested quite interesting move instead of knight jump: B’16 keeping the equal fight.

And the final position was this:

Thank you for the 10 second shogi game, Yellow!


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