Satomi makes history

Satomi Kana Ladies 4-Crown surprised everyone with her amazing achievement.

As a first women she qualified to a Main Tournament of professional world. This made her eligible to take a professional examination.

2022, May 27th, in Kiou elimination match she beat Komori 5 dan and qualified to Kiou Main Tournament. Word of explanation might be needed for English readers, Kiou Tournament is a tournament that is organized for professionals (not ladies professionals) and only few that aren’t professionals are allowed to participate in it. One of them is top ladies professional player, Satomi. It never happened in the past that a woman would fight her way through the elimination round.

On top of that, she is now able to attempt to become professional 4 dan (again, not Ladies Professional) by taking an exam. It is possible because in the last official matches she got score of 10 wins and 4 losses, “more than 6:5 win to loss ratio”. In order to take the exam, Satomi would need to within one month apply for exam with recommendation of a professional, then pay the participation fee. If she applied, 5 matched would be played against the newest 4 dan professionals and she would need to get 3 wins to become 4 dan and start in free class of Meijin.

Previously Satomi was really close to get this chance in 2019, but she missed it by losing decisive game.

But so far, we don’t know if she will attempt the exam.

You can read in more details on Japanese news page:


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